U-LEAD with Europe programme opened 150th Administrative Service Centre in hromada

The EU-funded U-LEAD with Europe programme, which supports the decentralisation reform in Ukraine by improving the capacity of hromadas to provide quality administrative services, has opened the 150th U-LEAD supported administrative service centre (ASC). During the coming few months the programme will complete support to the establishment of 300 more ASCs across Ukraine. 

On 25 February 2021, an administrative service centre opened in Buryn hromada in the Sumy Oblast, replacing the ASC of the rayon state administration. The renovated ASC building has 13 workplaces. The centre offers more than 120 administrative services. Over 22,000 residents of the hromada and rayon received access to comfortable and quality services provided by the government. European partners also congratulated the hromada with the opening of an ASC.

Xavier Camus, Head of the Good Governance and Rule of Law section at the EU Delegation to Ukraine said: “Access to public services in a modern, digital and transparent manner is crucial for the quality of life and attractiveness of hromadas. I am therefore proud that with the support of the EU-funded U-LEAD project an administrative service center could be opened in Buryn hromada. This is the 150th which the EU helps to establish in Ukraine.”

The ASC building was renovated with the support from U-LEAD: 55% of over UAH 3.7 million spent on the building’s modernisation was funded by the hromada. The ASC design project was developed by the programme’s architects. The building has a wheelchair access ramp, and a baby changing table and a children’s corner for visitors with children.

Susanna Dellans, Sida Programme Director of U-LEAD with Europe, congratulated the hromada’s residents with the opening of a renovated ASC: “Our team is happy to work with such reliable and proactive partners as Buryn hromada, who want to improve the quality of services provided to the residents and are ready to take efforts to make it happen. I am sure that the ASC’s modern premises and welcoming personnel will not only deliver quality services and consultations to the residents but also inspire them for further development of the hromada and the region.”

Lilia Popova, Head of the Department of Policy and Cooperation with Local Authorities and Local Governments of the Ministry of Community and Territorial Development, congratulated the residents with the ASC opening: “Helping hromadas to establish modern ASCs that provide all necessary services to the residents is among the Ministry's priorities. Moreover, the focus of decentralization implemented by the state is quality and affordable services. Each hromada must ensure the provision of quality services on its territory, which is required by the law. The Ministry highly appreciates the contribution of "U-LEAD with Europe" to the development of a network of quality administrative services provision in Ukraine."

The programme also supplied the ASC with furniture, equipment, software and an electronic queue management system, and provided institutional support in creating a remote workplace in Uspenka village. The ASC’s personnel passed educational trainings developed by the programme’s experts.

Viktor Ladukha, Head of Buryn Hromada, thanked the partners: “We thank our international partners and the oblast state administration for their assistance and support in creating a well-functioning ASC. A comfortable premise is extremely important, but services and skilled personnel are the most important for an ASC. Therefore, institutional support and trainings from U-LEAD experts helped us establish a truly efficient service delivery system in the hromada.”

Overall, 18 hromadas in the Sumy Oblast receive assistance from U-LEAD with Europe in establishment of modernisation of ASCs.

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U-LEAD with Europe programme opened 150th Administrative Service Centre in hromada

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