Decentralisation in Ukraine has made great progress and has become irreversible, - international partners of the reform

According to decentralisation international partners, despite 2020 challenges decentralization in Ukraine has progressed considerably and has become irreversible.

A meeting of the Decentralisation and Regional Development sector working group, headed by Cecilia Chroona, Head of International Cooperation Section of the Embassy of Sweden to Ukraine, and Vyacheslav Nehoda, Deputy Minister of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine, took place in Kyiv.

«We are happy to recognize that despite the COVID pandemic and its dramatic repercussions for the social and economic situation, the on-going military conflict, rough political environment, 2020 local elections, etc., in 2020 decentralisation has progressed greatly, having picked up the pace, and the changes are irreversible now. The administrative and territorial reform completion with 1469 hromadas and 136 rayons having been established, has become the main accomplishment and an important landmark», - emphasized Cecilia Chroona.


Vyacheslav Nehoda thanked for such a high assessment of the reform results, underlining that these are common achievements of all reform participants, particularly, the Board of donors.



mizhnarodna pidtrymka V.Nehoda


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22.12.2020 - 10:52
This decentralization reform went over five years and cost international donors nearly $200 million, probably the most expensive decentralization project in history. For this effort Ukraine now has fewer local government units without capacity to administer the programs that was given to them, the financial resources sufficient to fund these functions, and an local citizen electorate that only turned out at 37% of eligible voters in the first round, and less than 30% in the second rounds. Yes, this is great success.
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