Hromadas are ready to manage their lands – give us the tools

During decentralization hromadas have already taken some responsibilities and powers. Local self-government bodies are ready to be responsible for and to develop their towns and villages but for this we need tools and conditions.

Particularly, considering land management, we can see that currently hromadas do not have legal grounds for obtaining the ownership of non-agricultural lands out of settlements, that failing to correspond to the decentralisation concept and reducing the hromada capacity of economic development. The issue can be solved with the approval of bill №2194 On Amending the Land Code of Ukraine and other Enactments in terms of Improving Management and Deregulation in Land Relations, to be considered by Parliamentarians this week.

30.11.2020 - 10:28 | Views: 2754
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Author: Володимир Зражевський


land law


Дніпропетровська область


Межівська територіальна громада

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