Inna Kholod: «My directing has nothing to do with good shooting and camera work, it is about the story I want to tell people who will believe in it»

The background of the article is particularly sensitive: it could have never happened as our acquaintance with extraordinary girl Inna Kholod from the Smolinska hromada took place thanks to the project “A hromada voice in the local self-government” by DOBRE Programme. Inna didn’t need grants to embody her creative ideas and create exclusive films about people from her hromada.

Being interviewed by Iryna Tkachenko at Posydenky (Gatherings) online-forum of the Khmarochos (Skyscraper) Sustainable Development Agency, established within the project “A hromada voice in the local self-government” by DOBRE Programme, Inna dwelt upon her idea of creating “SMOLINE” films, about her native settlement and the people, having become their protagonists.


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Кіровоградська область


Смолінська територіальна громада


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