Background checks at the public power bodies following the Constitutional Court decision

On 27.10.2020 the Constitutional Court of Ukraine upheld decision № 13-r/2020, acknowledging a set of provisions of Law of Ukraine On Corruption Prevention as of October, 14, 2014 № 1700–VII with amendments, to be contradicting the Constitution of Ukraine.

However, as it used to be the case, people, seeking office (elected for the position), involving responsibility or high responsibility, as well as positions with a high corruption risk at the power bodies, must be subject to the background check.

Колонка відображає винятково позицію її автора. За достовірність інформації відповідає автор колонки. Точка зору редакції порталу «Децентралізація» може не збігатися з точкою зору автора колонки.
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Author: Віра Козіна


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