The Hutsulski Gazdy co-op has started working in the Biloberizka AH

Biloberizka AH residents can preserve and store up berries, mushrooms and herbs from the local meadows as a co-op has been established with support of the USAID DOBRE Programme.

“The co-op functioning is a vitally important business for us as it means population employment and hromada taxes. Not only our hromada inhabitants but also the rayon residents as well as our neighbours from Bukovyna may be involved in huckleberry harvesting to give it to Hutsulski Gazdy, claims the head of the Biloberizka AH Dmytro Ivanyuk.

The hromada provided and remodeled the premises for the co-op to work, and supported by the USAID DOBRE Programme equipment for the amount of over UAH 800 thousand was purchased

“We had been considering the opportunity of establishing such a co-op for a long period of time. Within the USAID DOBRE Programme we went to the neighbouring regions to adopt the best practices, made all the necessary calculations and prepared a business plan. Eventually we decided to apply this resource”, stated the co-op head Vasyl Lazoryk.


business Best practices


Івано-Франківська область


Білоберізька територіальна громада


Український кризовий медіа-центр

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