On legislation novelties on starosta membership in the executive committee

Developing a bill on the local self-government in Ukraine on a new conceptual basis has been waited for not only by starostas and other persons holding elective positions in the local self-government, but also those concerned about AH organization improvement. However, bill №3651 On Amending Certain Regulations of Ukraine on Harmonising Issues of the State Power bodies’, Local Self-Government bodies’ Activity and Organisation in Relation to Rayons Formation (Liquidation) makes it clear that it is suggested that to the current wording of the Law of Ukraine On the Local Self-Government in Ukraine (hereinafter - Law №280/97) other amendments and supplements should be made, as a little time has left till the regular local elections, and the parliament has to manage to approve a set of vital regulations for the decentralization reform to be completed. In the above mentioned bill an unexpected novelty is worth paying attention to. It covers starostas of villages, settlements and its essence is the stipulation of excluding or changing the standards, governing starostas’ entering the executive committee (part 5 of article 14-1, part 4 of article 51 of law №280/97). The novelty is analyzed in the material.

03.07.2020 - 14:34 | Views: 2087
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Author: Олександр Врублевський



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Іван Степанович
13.07.2020 - 10:12
Часу на обговорення вже не залишилося. На цьому пленарному тижні вирішиться питання, яким бути старостату щонайменше на наступні п'ять років.
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