The STEMkids information and education spaces in the Mostivska AH. How are the newest successes achieved at the hromada schools?

Since 2017 the Mostivska AH of the Mykolaiv has been cooperating with the USAID Programme “Decentralisation Offering Better Results and Efficiency” (DOBRE). Preparing the AH Strategic Development Plan, the hromada jointly with the programme experts found some drawbacks in educational service provision.

So, the hromada decided to develop the Plan of Improving the Educational Service Provision in the Educational Establishments of the Mostivska Village Council of the Mykolaiv region for 2019-2023. Moreover, during a visit to Poland, supported by USAID DOBRE, the education department head found a more compelling idea – to create STEMkids information and education spaces.

 «While fulfilling the project, we’ve seen our pupils and teachers are interested, determined and ready for changes, they have new views and approaches to the contemporary education. I am sure that qualitative education can be acquired not only in the city but also in remote villages», - pointed out Alyona Savchenko, the education department head.


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Миколаївська область


Мостівська територіальна громада


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