03 December 2023
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Announcement: May, 14 – the Strategy of Coming off the Quarantine for ASCs online conference

On May, 14, 2020 there will be held an online-conference «Strategy of Coming off the Quarantine for ASCs», organized by the U-LEAD with Europe Programme team working on enhancing the quality of providing administrative services to the population.

During the conference representatives of the Government of Ukraine, international partners, line associations, as well as AH and ASC heads will discuss various scenarios of events development and necessary steps both at the state and local levels for the efficient coming off the quarantine, revival of the full administrative services provision and sustainable ASC functioning.

U-LEAD with Europe Programme experts have developed recommendations concerning each aspect of ASC work (staff, service list, reception of citizens, infrastructure, etc.) due to the most likely scenarios, and will publish them on the eve of the event.

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Announcement: May, 14 – the Strategy of Coming off the Quarantine for ASCs online conference


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