The anti–crisis package. Want has the Verkhovna Rada supported?

The limiting quarantine measures, introduced in Ukraine on March, 11, aimed at saving human lives and health, unfortunately, hit the national economy severely. For two weeks people’s deputies, representatives of different factions and groups, have been preparing the legislative changes, which are necessary to reduce the coronavirus repercussions for the Ukrainian economy.

Achievements of bill №3275 are as follows: it has become possible to uphold at least partly the local self-government interests.

On March, 30 during the extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada people’s deputies supported the bill with 312 votes.

Currently the authorities are facing a host of challenges and their goal now is to ensure making reasonable and efficient administrative decisions. This will make it possible for the country and its citizens to survive the crisis with the minimum losses.

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Author: Лариса Білозір


Larysa Bilozir law

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