To preserve and multiply everything brought by decentralisation: five regions are working over Constitutional amendments in Kyiv

Today representatives of the local self-government, public representatives and experts of the Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv, Cherkasy and Rivne regions have gathered in Kyiv to develop a common stance concerning the future constitutional amendments.

Ivan Lukeria, the Prime – Minister’s adviser, having participated in the majority of similar discussions conducted in the regions, emphasized that all over the country the local self-government supports the necessity of Constitutional amendments unanimously.

‘What can we observe in the regions? A positive trend: everybody supports the necessity of Constitutional amendments. There is much in common on all issues discussed – the majority of people adhere to a three-level system of the administrative arrangement and a two-level system of a local self-government system. Most people also support clear procedures of the state supervision over the decisions by the local self-government bodies concerning their compliance with the Constitution and the legislation of Ukraine. The appropriate mechanism is currently being discussed. We are looking for a consensus in all directions’, - claimed Ivan Lukeria.

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