Prykarpattia's AH Development Agency has drafted six hromada development projects

Oblast's local government bodies have submitted project applications in the following areas: promotion of historical and cultural heritage, tourism, and natural heritage's conservation. The highest possible subvention amount for one project makes up UAH 250,000, according to the Agency's Project Manager Ihor Melnychuk.

According to him, institution has helped four hromadas in drafting turnkey projects. Another two hromadas have been provided with information support.

'Projects have been prepared for Biloberizka, Delyatynska, Mateivetska, Rozhnivska and Spaska amalgamated hromadas. Besides, we have drafted a project for Verkhovyna Village Council, too,' the expert says.

Ihor Melnychuk pointed out that these projects are primarily aimed at implementing ambitious initiatives in hromadas.

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