Experiment held by Zymnivska AH's teachers: leaving the comfort zone or professional growth?

Having become participants of the 'School 3.0. Amalgamated Hromadas' Project, teachers of Zymnivska AH have decided to go beyond their usual attitude and take a look at the educational process as a whole from the new perspective. Realising that each teacher applies his or her own unique teaching methods and has strong sides, the team has decided to start exchanging teachers between schools.

According to Larysa Tsal, Deputy Headmaster of the Primary and Secondary School of Khmelivka Village, the idea of exchanging teachers is both a challenge, a stress, and an opportunity to leave the comfort zone and get a chance for new experience and professional growth…

Zymnivska AH’s teachers believe that in addition to positive emotions, this format helps to acquire new knowledge and confidence that their profession is actually a vocation for life.

Are you ready for the experiment? Just try it, and you will be supported... Meanwhile, we invite you to watch the video:


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Зимнівська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада


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