Association of AHs insists on a considerable discussion on the amendments to the Constitution regarding decentralisation

The Association of Amalgamated Hromadas is concerned by the fact that the draft law No 2598 “On Amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine regarding Decentralisation” was developed without the participation of the local self-government bodies and submitted by the President of Ukraine as urgent.

“We expected that it would be a joint work on the draft law after introducing the concept of amendments to the Constitution. The local self-government in Ukraine has its contemporary history of establishment and development and is based not only on the European democratic principles, but also on the historical traditions of the Ukrainian nation. Over the years of independence of our state, a system of local self-government has been established, which unifies thousands of professional officers of local self-government and leaders of territorial hromadas. Namely they were the first to undertake establishment of the hromadas, capable of reforming, and improvement of residents’ life of each hromada. Therefore, the expected amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine regarding decentralisation and local self-government cannot be adopted without participation of the representatives of the local self-government”, AH Association informs.


Constitution Konstytutsiia obhovorennia


Асоціація ОТГ

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