03 December 2023
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Has Bilyayivska hromada closed its cultural centres after AH formation? A story on how hromada’s leisure has changed

In the years leading up to the start of the decentralisation reform, there was no cultural specialist in the Bilyayivka city council. Now, every season, there are large-scale events, renovated facilities and belief that culture can change the hromada for the better and even revitalise entire neighborhoods.

Seven years ago, Bilyayivka, the rayon centre, not only lacked its own house of culture, but even a specialist to organise city holidays and events. All events and festivities were organised by specialists of various council departments.

The budget lacked money not only for events’ organisers, but also to pay for the work of screenwriters, audio operators, presenters, purchase of prizes and awards. Therefore, a lot has been done by volunteers, as well as with the support of local entrepreneurs.

Volodymyr Norenko is one of those who helped the Bilyayivka city council on a volunteer basis dozens of times, working as presenter and video editor

Over the last four years a lot of money has been invested here in the development of culture: such activities unite the hromada, make it more cohesive, more patriotic and progressive. Culture is important, consider the locals.

After the start of the decentralisation reform, the Bilyaivka City Council formed its own department of culture. It is a small team that has taken on the cultural direction of the AH life. These are the directors of three culture houses of the hromada and several employees of the cultural department itself.

Alina Rogachko, acting head of the cultural department, notes that there is enough work for everyone. Hundreds of issues have to be solved before a fanfare starts in the hall or in the street stage.

“Logistics, technical issues, scenarios, rehearsals, preparation of letters of gratitude, certificates, gifts, lots of routine and paper work,” she says.

Due to the rational use of funds by the Bilyayivska hromada over the past four years, many major cultural projects and events, workshops, exhibitions, concerts appeared, or the old ones began to be organised in a new format.

Today, the staff of the Bilyayivska AH’s department of culture receives delegations from different regions of Ukraine, with whom they share their experience in organising events and festivities.

Cultural specialists of the Lviv Oblast during their visit to Bilyayivka

Just a few years ago there was a vacant land plot in the centre of the city micro district. Now here are flowers, alleys, benches, a small park and lanterns.



This year the Dnister Vertuta festival was held in an unusual place – in the Dnister park. It was cleaned up, electricity was set up, the street lamp system was installed, and historic archway illuminated.


The fest was over, and many Bilayivka residents admitted that the Dnister Park is a very nice place for relaxation and leisure. Therefore, the changes will continue here, the city council assures. The project envisages reconstruction of the fountain, arrangement of arbors and recreation areas.

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Одеська область


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