All hromadas can create modern official websites on Dosvit platform


All hromadas of Ukraine can be connected to the Dosvit  platform and create official websites to increase capability of AHs.  

Dosvit is a platform allowing a city or hromada to create a modern official website. There is no programming, everything works due to simple templates. In addition to basic features, it is possible to connect ready-made applications according to the needs of local governments, such as participatory budget, enterprise map, open budget, polls, and more. The website is flexible, so it can be connected to external applications of the city, hromada or independent IT professionals.

The platform contains a ready-made set of templates and blocks for the website, so no programming or design skills is required. Besides, new applications appear regularly that can be followed on the website.

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE


Dosvit elektronne vriaduvannia


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