"No matter what, I try to make changes in the hromada every day," Olha Harkavenko, head of Novoslobidska AH

Olha Harkavenko, Head of Novoslobidska amalgamated hromada, Sumy Oblast

 Сlose proximity to the border with Russia where mobile and internet connection is oftentimes blocked by the other side, inability of people to visit their family members and friends on the other part of the border line, migration of local residents abroad due to unfavorable economic conditions in the region – these are only a few challenges that the head of Novoslobidska amalgamated hromada, Olha Harkavenko, faces.

Nevertheless, she was motivated to become the hromada's head by the desire to make the village, where she spent all her life, a better place to live. According to Olha’s own words, she strives for reducing the gap between rural and city life. Having worked as the village head for 11 years, Olha Harkavenko is well aware that changes do not happen overnight and decided to start with solving her community's primary problems. Thus, after amalgamation in 2017, the hromada administration under Olha’s leadership started with renovation of three kindergartens and three schools as well as social support to the community citizens.

“In 2018, the hromada allocated funds for the refurbishment of schools for the first time. The directors could not believe their luck as for many years they had to ask children’s parents for money to maintain schools in good conditions”, says the head of Noboslobidska AH.

She and her team are well aware that the welfare of citizens is as important as having a developed infrastructure. Therefore, the hromada developed a programme to provide support to its citizens who are in urgent need for financial aid. Funds are given to those who are in need and have emergencies such as fires, natural disasters, cancer diseases or other serious health problems.

Trying to implement changes every day, Olha Harkavenko strongly believes that hard work will make Novoslobidska hromada a competitive place to live in the future.




Сумська область


Новослобідська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада Новослобідська територіальна громада


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