ANNOUNCEMENT! Conference “E-Solutions for Better Governance” to be held in Kyiv on 3 December

On 3 December, an expert discussion, organised by the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and the Centre for Innovations Development, will be held in Kyiv with the participation of hromada representatives from all regions of Ukraine and the Government.

The purpose of the conference is to initiate a dialogue to identify priorities and obstacles to effective governance through data analysis.

Participants will share their visions and cases related to data availability issues, as well as options for solving them, creating a unified data system for hromadas and sharing modern IT solutions, taking into account the experience gained during the implementation of the E-Solutions for Hromadas Initiative ( 

The list of participants includes more than 200 hromada experts, line ministries and institutions.

Registration will continue until 29 November inclusive –  


22.11.2019 - 12:40 | Views: 6433
ANNOUNCEMENT! Conference “E-Solutions for Better Governance” to be held in Kyiv on 3 December




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