ASC modernised in Ostrozhetska AH

On 20 November, an Administrative Service Centre modernised with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme began its work in the Ostrozhetska AH of the Rivne Oblast. Now, due to the modern ASC in Ostrozhka, more than one hundred types of administrative services have become available to seven thousand residents of the hromada.

In the Centre’s premises renovated by funds of the hromada, there is a team of six employees working at the place, which is equipped with modern computers and furniture with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme. Also, in the village of Borbyn, residents of the hromada will be able to receive services at any remote working place, which room was repaired by the hromada itself, and working equipment was received from the Programme.

Roman Matviychuk, Regional Coordinator of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, “Today's opening is possible thanks to the work of many people who have invested their forces, knowledge and experience in creating the ASC in Ostrozhka. But the most important factor is the hromadea's desire to develop. Increasing the availability and quality of services is one of the main goals of the Programme, and we are very pleased that cooperation with the hromada in this direction has brought excellent results. I am sure that this is only a step towards the further development of the hromada and its prosperity.”

All Centre’s employees had five modular training programme on improving skills developed by Ukrainian and Swedish experts of the U- LEAD with Europe Programme.

Taras Hordiychuk, head of the Ostrozhetska AH, “Even a few years ago it was difficult to imagine that administrative services in Ostrozhka could be available in the modern, bright and accessible for all rooms by friendly and experienced staff. But we have proven that we are truly a hromada of people united by the desire to change their home for better. I am grateful to the Programme’s experts for helping me with this, sometimes difficult, path.”

In the nearest future, under the Programme’s support, employees of the Centre will receive access to modern software complex for automation of ASCs called “Vulyk” developed by the EGOV4UKRAINE Project within the U-LEAD with Europe Programme. Each employee of ASC will get training in working with this complex.

By the end of the year, another three Administrative Service Centres will open their doors to visitors in the Rivne Oblast supported by the U- LEAD with Europe Programme.

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