A modern European level ASC opened in Kulykivska hromada

On 21 November, the Kulykivska amalgamated hromada opened an Administrative Service Centre, modernised with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme.

"The idea of creating a modern open space where citizens can receive high-quality administrative services has emerged since the hromada formation,” said Natalia Khalimon, Kulykivka settlement head. She noted that the hromada was working to find ways to implement the idea. “It was very plea sent to know that our application had passed competitive selection for the participation in the U-LEAD with Europe Programme’s support to improved administrative service delivery,” she said.

“We have pleasant impressions of cooperation with the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and warm relations with its representatives,” said Olha Krupyna, head of the Kulykivska ASC.

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A modern European level ASC opened in Kulykivska hromada

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Чернігівська область


Куликівська селищна об’єднана територіальна громада


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