All hromadas should have same status, direct intergovernmental relations, same tax system, - Vyacheslav Nehoda

It is necessary to complete the process of building capable hromadas. And here it is very important for everyone, including units of the oblast state administrations, to understand the necessity of completing this stage, since the future of hromadas and the system of territorial management depends on it. All hromadas should have the same status, direct intergovernmental relations, the same system of taxes and expenditures, said Vyacheslav Nehoda, Deputy Minister of Development of Hromadas and Territories of Ukraine, during the meeting at the Lviv Oblast State Administration on modeling the networks of public services and services according to the standards, taking into account sectoral methodological recommendations, as well as forming capable hromadas.

“Today we are at the final stage of the decentralisation reform. It is important for us from the govermental point to give everyone the same chances and opportunities to move on and develop. For this purpose, there is a certain methodology proposed by the Cabinet of Ministers considering the experience of countries that have already undergone decentralisation. One of the characteristics of a capable AH is the efficient use of funds and resources owned by them and the effective support for all sectors and institutions of different directions within the hromada. That is why some modeling of the territories was proposed in order to understand for each direction how hromadas will function, how residents will live in this hromada and receive services, said Vasyl Lozynskyi, Deputy Head of the Lviv Oblast State Administration.

According to the first deputy, today we are talking about 67 AHs at the territory of the Lviv Oblast.

The Deputy Minister of Development of Hromadas and Territories of Ukraine also noted the high level of the perspective plan quality for of the Lviv Oblast, as well as the modeling of the territory in education and health care.

Vyacheslav Nehoda stressed that the modeling of the oblast territories should be completed by the end of this month.

"It is important for the network to be formed with the participation of future hromadas," he said.

The Department of Economic Policy of the Lviv Oblast State Administration has already completed the discussion of the project on the administrative and territorial order of the Lviv Oblast in the rayons of the oblast. As Vasyl Lozynskyi said, in total, 20 rayons were visited within the discussions, and 3,500 participants took part in them.

“We have considered a number of reasoned proposals that will be included in the draft perspective plan. Therefore, by the end of November, the effective perspective plan for the Lviv Oblast should be formed, with the aim of creating successful and capable hromadas and officially submitted to MinRegion, ”Vasyl Lozynskyi said.

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All hromadas should have same status, direct intergovernmental relations, same tax system, - Vyacheslav Nehoda

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