28 September 2023
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Administrative service delivery system launched in Slavska hromada: ASC and three remote workplaces

On 29 October, a new ASC and three remote administrator workplaces in the villages of Nizhnya Rozhanka, Libokhora and Volosyanka were launched in the Slavska hromada of the Lviv Oblast.

More than eight thousand highland residents have access to quality services in comfortable conditions. The U-LEAD with Europe Programme assisted in creating a proper administrative service delivery system.

Five employees of the hromada ASC will provide seventy services to residents and businesses, including issuance of foreign passports, registration of civil acts, social protection services, notarial services. The ASC also has a self-service place for the residents.

Ihor Bryhilevych, regional specialist of U-LEAD with Europe, said: “We are glad that due to the synergy of efforts, an effective administrative service delivery system has been established in the hromada – a stationary ASC and three remote workplaces. There is now confidence that every resident has access to quality services in comfortable conditions.”

The hromada renovated the premises and equipped it for the needs of people with disabilities on its own. All employees of the ASC and remote workplaces were trained by Ukrainian and Swedish experts. Each workplace is equipped with a software system for ASC’s work automation “Vulyk”, developed by the EGOV4Ukraine project.

Volodymyr Beha, head of the Slavska AH, outlined: “I thank the international partners for their help in creating a system of administrative services in the hromada. We have received really comprehensive support from the Programme: from employee training document development assistance to equipment of workplaces at the ASC. ”

Halyna Hrechyn, director of the Lviv Local Government Development Centre of U-LEAD, noted: “The Slavska hromada is one of those claiming leadership positions in change. Every day the team of hromada professionals is looking for additional development opportunities, improving public services and making them more accessible to residents. It is especially important that the ASC opens in the mountainous AH, which, in turn, will make social and administrative services even closer and more comfortable for residents.”

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Administrative service delivery system launched in Slavska hromada: ASC and three remote workplaces

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