Money in the river: environmental problem solved in Natalynska AH

Natalyne is a village in the Krasnohrad Rayon, which in 2017 became the centre of an amalgamated hromada. Along with the new financial capabilities the AH received old problems. In particular, the pipes of a 40-year-old sewer collector were periodically bursting, and then the stench in the district was horrible. Sewage threatened the river of Berestova, which flows near the village and is the main place of rest for many Krasnohrad residents. Thanks to the opportunities given to the hromada by decentralisation, Natalynska AH residents were able to cope with this environmental challenge.

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Харківська область


Наталинська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада


Слобідський край

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