Public Health Programme developed in Tlumatska AH

The Tlumatska amalgamated hromada is one of the first AHs in the Carpathian region to begin developing the Public Health Concept.

The residents of the hromada believe that the prevention of diseases, increase in duration of life and strengthening health through the organised efforts of the whole AH now have extremely important significance.

The initiative of developing the document in the hromada began to be implemented with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme within the framework of the “Promoting public health in AHs of the Carpathian region is duty of everyone” Project being realised by the Agency of Development for Amalgamated Hromadas.

According to the results of the project implementation, the "Prevention to spread dangerous vaccine controlled infections" Programme for 2020 was adopted in the Tlumatska AH.





Івано-Франківська область


Тлумацька територіальна громада


Агенція розвитку ОТГ Прикарпаття

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