DESPRO opened registration for "Managing projects of local development-9" e-course

The Swiss-Ukrainian project "Support to Decentralisation in Ukraine" (DESPRO) opened registration for the "Managing projects of local development-9" e-course on the online platform "Community of practices: sustainable development"

By 5 November (inclusive) everyone, who wants to master the techniques and methods of managing projects to implement strategies for sustainable development of communities, can apply for registration to the e-course.

Participants of the course will have an opportunity to try themselves as a developer and a project expert to share in such a way their own experiences and give an assessment to projects of other participants.

Join the successful community of practice for project management with 3,000 participants, who have completed training and are now successfully implementing new practices on the territory of their hromadas.

The training is free of charge and will last from 1 November till 5 December 2019.

To become a participant of the course, it is required to register online – at the platform "Community of Practices, Sustainable Development”

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DESPRO opened registration for "Managing projects of local development-9" e-course


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