Tyachivska AH created tourist cycling route at the expense of public budget

The Tyachivska amalgamated hromada has recently announced the launch of the second project of the Public Budget 2020. Last year the competition was held in the hromada for the first time, and the City Council was satisfied with its results. The most interesting winner among the public budget projects was the tourist cycle route “Panorama of the Tyachivska AH”. The project, submitted to the competition by local entrepreneur and cyclist Vitaliy Tsavner, presupposed equipment of the route for cyclists and pedestrians, as well as creation of two observation platforms (part of the route lies near the peaks). Its length in the ring is 24 km, and in general, the length of the trails is more than 50 km.

В Тячівській ОТГ за рахунок громадського бюджету створили туристичний веломаршрут

Vitaliy Tsavner has been long passionate about cycling, so the idea to create a tourist cycling route around the hromada came about a long time ago.


В Тячівській ОТГ за рахунок громадського бюджету створили туристичний веломаршрут

Following the example of Slovakia, it was decided to arrange routes in the hromada. Road signs were placed both within the city and throughout the distance of cycling routes. There are 10, 16, 20 and 28 km long routes. All pointing arrows let cyclists know where to go.

В Тячівській ОТГ за рахунок громадського бюджету створили туристичний веломаршрут

They want to attract cyclists, in particular, through two panoramic venues. One of them is located at medium-complexity route, and allows you to view the panorama of Tyachiv. The second scenic viewpoint is located at the very top of the mountain, the villages of the Tyachiv Rayon and Romania can be easily seen from this place.

The cycling routes can revive the tourist business in the villages of the Tyachiv Rayon and expand opportunities.

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE


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Закарпатська область


Тячівська міська об’єднана територіальна громада


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