Hromada success begins with proper upbringing of children, - Inna Zaviriukha, head of the Sokolivska AH

Inna Zaviriukha, Sokolivska hromada head, Kirovohrad Oblast

Inna Zaviriukha claims that two men have made her strong and prepared for life. These two men believed in her and with their help she developed personal qualities necessary to occupy leadership positions.  The first man was Inna’s father who formed her personality and encouraged his daughter to never stop learning. The second man was Inna’s predecessor who highly appreciated her effective work as a kindergarten director back.

According to her experience a woman should love and respect herself and then she will be respected by others.

From her own experience Inna knows that self-sufficient children grow in happy families. She pays special attention to social projects which would educate and develop young people in her hromada. Sokolivska hromada has opened an administrative and social services center. Part of its employees work with socially vulnerable children and families.

Inna Zaviriukha and her team plan to start self-defense courses for hromada teenagers where they will learn how to deal with the abuser and handle situation on their own.

The hromada head is convinced that personal success but also the success of her community starts with the right education of young people.








Кіровоградська область


Соколівська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада


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