Registration of residence in ASC: expert recommendations

Experts of U-LEAD with Europe Programme's support to improved administrative service delivery prepared a special guide on public policy regarding specific issues of the residence place registration through administrative service centres.

The current system for registration of a residence place continues to be in the state close to the permit system. The reason for the registration is not an actual residence in housing, but availability of the right to stay in it.

To solve this problem, Programme experts of the policies implementing department have developed guidelines, in which they offer to carry out registration (declaration) of the place of residence only based on the application without having to add other documents certifying the right to own/use the housing.

The document is intended to draw the attention of responsible state bodies to such problems of legislation and practices, further solution of which will facilitate the creation of appropriate conditions to provide available and high-quality administrative services.

More details on the policy note can be found at the link.

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Registration of residence in ASC: expert recommendations




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