ASC, Vulyk and Trembita – what will their interaction bring and when?


The U-LEAD with Europe Programme provides support for the establishment and modernisation of up to 600 Administrative Service Centres in Ukraine. All of them have the opportunity to connect to “Vulyk” information system. The process of mass connection of ASCs, carried out by EGOV4UKRAINE project, begins this autumn and will continue until the end of 2020.

Therefore, it is important to clearly understand the capabilities of the system and the prospects of work with it.

Vulyk is designed to automate the minimal, basic needs of the Administrative Service Centres. One of the official names of the system is the ASC Software Complex.

Vulyk facilitates work with applications, provides the opportunity to receive and send documents; control the execution of services on request and generate statistics on administrative service delivery; maintain directories for their reuse; keep a minimum set of scanned documents (applications, list of documents, consent to personal data processing and result of execution / refusal of the application) in the cloud storage. The PC scans the documents directly into the electronic case file and so on.

That is, the system provides better and faster services to citizens, while simplifying the work of ASC administrators.



In August 2018 – May 2019, the system was tested in 10 administrative service centres. Vulyk received positive feedback, at the same time the staff of the pilot ASCs helped the developers to improve the system.

Again, the opportunities offered to ASCs when connecting to Vulyk are basic. It's like a newly purchased smartphone which functions you can change later. That is, the Vulyk system has the potential to expand functionality.

First of all, the system allows complementary module of third-party developers – then Vulyk will be able to work with ID card readers, registers of amalgamated hromadas, electronic queues, and more. That is, if you go back to the analogy with a smartphone, you can install different “applications” in it.

The second – and very important point is the ability to interact with the Trembita data exchange system.

In this regard ASCs already have many questions and expectations, which is not surprising. The prospects for access to the registers of central executive bodies are very interesting for the ASCs and hromadas where they are located. This opens up great opportunities in terms of assortment, quality and speed of services.

There are important things to understand here.

First and foremost, Vulyk has the Trembita connection function by default. However, while this does not mean one-stop access of the ASC to all or most of the state registers, it is worth refraining from exceeding expectations.

The reason is simple: in order for the ASC to access the registers of a state authority, it is necessary for this authority (and its registers) to be connected to Trembita. And this is a gradual process, which is now proceeding in parallel with the process of connecting ASCs to Vulyk system.

This process requires, first of all, conclusion of an agreement between each executive body and the State Agency for e-Governance of Ukraine. After that, the technical part of the process begins, as a result of which the registers of an executive authority become available for interaction with Trembita and can take part in data exchange.

Accordingly, the ASC equipped with Vulyk and connected to Trembita also receives access to these registers. However, some improvements still need to be made to the current legal framework – it stipulates that ASCs will have to sign agreements on information interaction with each entity providing administrative services connected to Trembita. And this is too burdensome bureaucratic procedure.



As of 1 September 2019, 33 executive authorities have concluded agreements on connection to Trembita, 7 of which are already connected. Industrial interaction is being carried out between two executive authorities – the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control and the National Health Service of Ukraine.

The faster the process of connecting of state registers to the Trembita and solving other issues is – the more opportunities will be available for ASCs connected to the Vulyk system. The political will of the executive authorities to create services of interaction of their registers and their connection to Trembita is important in this regard. But the key is to realise the benefits being brought to ordinary citizens by a well-established system of data exchange between different executive authorities, as well as between them and ASCs.

Since data should run, not people.




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