Ivano-Frankivska AH: city council approved accession of two villages

The Ivano-Frankivsk City Council today considered the proposals of the Cherniyiv and Pidluzhzhia village councils and agreed to adjoin two villages to the city. In this format, the Ivano-Frankivska urban AH has a chance to complete the accession process by the end of the year.

“This is an important decision. We need to complete this process by October in order to live in one hromada from 1 January. This decision is timely. The city is clenched today, and it needs to develop. Due to AH formation, we will gain access to land outside settlements, we will be able to apply for infrastructure subventions and other types of state support, as well as resources to improve investment attractiveness,” said Ivano-Frankivsk mayor Ruslan Martsinkiv.

Therefore, by 30 votes in favour, the deputy corps supported the decision on voluntary accession to the Ivano-Frankivska city hromada.

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Ivano-Frankivska AH: city council approved accession of two villages


amalgamation of hromadas accession


Івано-Франківська область


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