Troyitska hromada that borders Russia

The lack of a good road, proximity to the Russian Federation, absence of large business are just some of the problems encountered by the Troyitska settlement amalgamated hromada, which unites 39 settlements. Here, for the third year, they learn to take full responsibility for their territory and implement the necessary projects. During this rather short time the hromada managed to implement the most necessary changes: restore amenities and infrastructure, equip streets, plant flowers and transform the thickets into a rural park.

The Troyitska AH was established in April 2017 and is home to more than 14 thousand people. Demyd Palahno, head of the Troyitska AH, recalls that the decentralisation process was to be started here in 2015-2016, yet there was no agreement between the village councils at that time.


The budget of the Troyitska AH in 2018 amounted to UAH 97 million, in 2019 – made up UAH 124 million. Most revenues come from a profit tax. There are two enterprises in Troyitske: Agro Capital and Troyitske oil-press plant.

Troyitske is located on the border with Russia. According to Demyd Palahno, there is up to 10 kilometre straight distance to the border. Military actions zone is 100 kilometres away.


Demyd Palahno says that prior to decentralisation village councils did not have the means to develop. When there appeared more and more funds, it became essential to use them wise.


In August 2018, Troyitske opened a modernized Administrative Service Centre (ASC). Anastasia Varybrus, director of the ASC, says that with the financial support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, the hromada set up an office with seven working places, a children's corner and waiting area.


Streets are being gradually repaired in the centre of Troyitske. According to the project, sidewalks are restored, parkways set up, and playgrounds built. In 2018 the hromada reconstructed the cultural and recreational park. 

Training complexes were installed in the central recreation park. Besides, the hromada decided to experiment with eco floor tile with grass groeing in its passages.


Demyd Palahno, head of the Troyitska hromada, says that he is collecting ideas for landscaping projects during his travels. When visiting large Ukrainian cities, he observes the parks and squares there.

Demyd Palahno explains that in such projects he pays attention to energy efficiency. 

In 2018, the facade of the Troyitske elementary school and kindergarten, located in the same premises, was insulated. Solid fuel boilers are being installed here as well.

The Troyitske "Vytoky" Museum, which aims to acquaint visitors with the history of this region, has been working since 2016.

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Луганська область


Троїцька територіальна громада


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