UNESCO Creative Cities Network looking for new participants

The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine is encouraging city mayors to participate in the contest to join the UNESCO Creative Cities Network and to prepare contest applications.

The Ministry of Culture has issued methodological recommendations to clarify the application procedure for membership in the Creative Cities Network (DOWNLOAD).

The Ministry invites to read the recommendations and consider the possibility of participating cities in the contest. If you have any questions regarding the participation in the contest, please, contact Luise Moroz, State Expert of the Creative Industries Directorate, tel.: (044) 234-40-94, e-mail: luiza.moroz@mincult.gov.ua.

UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) ) was founded in 2004. It aims to promote international cooperation between cities that have invested in culture and creativity and recognize these areas as boosters of the city's sustainable development. It currently has 180 creative cities from 72 countries. Membership in the international network facilitates the exchange of innovative experiences, partners’ networking, the disclosure of cities tourist potential, the development of creative industries, the integration of Ukrainian cities into European cultural space.

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UNESCO Creative Cities Network looking for new participants


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