System of social services reformed in Brusylivska AH

The decentralisation has created favourable conditions for improving the quality of services provided in hromadas, including the social area. The Brusylivska AH took the new opportunities immediately after the amalgamation and started the reform of the system of social services.

The results of reforming the system of social services in the Brusylivska AH are as follows:
- there were found 3,000 people who need different types of social services;
- 2,794 persons from 36 settlements of the Brusyliv Rayon are covered with social services;
- there are 29 social workers, 16 specialists in social work, two specialists in physical rehabilitation and a psychologist in the mini-centres for providing social and rehabilitation services of 17 starostats;
- two houses of the family type, in which 15 children are raised, were created on the territory of the hromada;
- the hromada was the first one in the region that created a patronage family and introduced a new innovative service - patronage over a child in 2017;
- The hromada’s practice was recognized as the best one in providing social services by the Association of AHs.

The specialists from the Brusylivska AH received advisory and methodological support in the process of reforming the system of social services from experts of the Zhytomyr Local Government Development Centre established by the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion.

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System of social services reformed in Brusylivska AH


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