8 AHs of Zhytomyr Oblast agreed to deal with garbage problem together

On 6 May, the heads of six hromadas of the oblast signed a memorandum on cooperation and partnership in the field of solid household waste treatment in the Zhytomyr Center for Local Self-Government Development, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion. Two more hromada leaders will sign a memorandum later.

The AHs united the eastern part of the region, thus shaping the preconditions for garbage collection and recycling system.

"The Chopovytska, Malynska, Radomyshlska, Potiyivska, Vyshevytska, Korostyshivska, Brusylivska and Kornynska hromadas have geographical and economic advantages for the formation of a powerful system of waste collection and recycling. And today, hromada leaders have made the first step towards their use," said Heorhii Fedoruk, regional development adviser of the Zhytomyr LGDC.



The document was signed during the training "Intermunicipal cooperation of hromadas in the field of solid household waste management" for AH specialists. This training takes place within the framework of the project "Improving the quality of services in the field of waste management at the municipal level in AH", implemented by the U-LEAD with Europe Programme for hromadas of the three pilot regions of the Volyn, Zhytomyr and Dnipropetrovsk Oblasts.

It should be mentioned that applications for participation in the competition of waste management initiatives are accepted until 7 May.






Житомирська область


Житомирський Центр розвитку місцевого самоврядування

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