Polonska AH: new strategy and architecture

Polonska AH: new strategy and architecture

Due to the decentralisation reform, the Polonska AH received resources for development it has never dreamed of. In 2018, a modern Administrative Services Centre, designed by famous Ukrainian architect Viktor Zotov, was built here. The AH management is currently establishing hromada treatment facilities to provide residents with drinking water from the Khomora River.

Together with foreign spatial planning experts the Polonska AH is developing its long-term strategy to develop tourism potential of the region and restore the porcelain industry.

The hromada was established in October 2015. It consists of the city of Polonne and 29 villages. In general, the AH population is 34 thousand residents.





Franz Skrymsky, head of the Polonska AH, tells how in 2017 the hromada rebuilt the recreation and leisure park in Polonne. The project was financed jointly by the state and local entrepreneurs.




The amalgamated hromada allocated funds for the renovation of the Polonne school No 3. Here they made the first in hromada football field with artificial cover, insulated the school building and repaired inner premises.






In spring 2018, the Polonska AH opened its Administrative Service Centre (ASC). Its project was designed by ZOTOV & CO Architectural Bureau. The Centre was built in four months from scratch, using energy-efficient technologies, provides 11 workplaces and delivers over 160 types of services.




ASC Director Tetyana Karnafel says that she came to work in the hromada after amalgamation and in course of this time has noticed a lot of changes. According to her, people receive services in time, moreover, there are hardly any queues in the Centre.




The Polonne porcelain plant was founded in 1889. In the time of independent Ukraine, without modern equipment and investments in production, the plant became unprofitable and terminated its activities in 2008. Franz Skrysmskyi says that the government is currently negotiating with investors to revive this business.




He also notes that at present, the AH budget is being filled primarily by agriculture producers. The AH leadership is working to restore the Polonne mining company, which has arrears and ceased to work in 2015.




The Polonne water supply system was built half a century ago. The city takes water from the Hamarnyanske water reservoir, located on the left bank of the Khomora River. The Polonska AH spends much of the state infrastructure subvention on repairing the old water supply system and treatment of the Khomora River.




Franz Skrymskyi explains that new wastewater treatment facilities are important both for the welfare of the population and local enterprises.




As of 2018 the Polonska AH has 8 outpatient clinics of the primary healthcare link. According to the hromada head, 87% of the population have concluded agreements for the provision of medical services here.




In 2018 the Polonska AH opened a medical diagnostic centre.




In the autumn of 2018, the AH was selected for participation in the educational and practical programme on Integrated Spatial Planning for Amalgamated Hromadas. Within the framework of the programme, created by the CANATIONS School of Urban Studies, the AH representatives will elaborate their territory development plan.





The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE


Хмельницька область


Полонська міська об’єднана територіальна громада



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