Buzivska AH activists are implementing several hromada projects at once

The NGO “Buzivchany” Associationhelps their AH residents to feel the benefits of amalgamation.

“Movie clubs, “live” libraries, a street counseling centre – all this in order to help people better understand the essence of the decentralisation reform. This project is being currently implemented in our hromada with the support of the PULSE programme of the IREX international organisation,” says Viktoria Lavrenyuk, project development specialist of the Buzivska AH. “Our hromada decided to follow the best practices of the European countries and introduce practical solutions for waste disposal and sorting.”

All utility institutions of the AH have carried out information campaign among their staff and set up locations for sorting solid household waste. They are now purchasing containers for separate garbage collection, as well as tractor, trailer and a press machine.

The hromada also implements the project “Self-fulfillment and development of the population of the Buzivska AH”, aimed at creation of sports, educational and cultural interest clubs, where every resident can find an activity for himself/herself.

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Buzivska AH activists are implementing several hromada projects at once


Черкаська область


Бузівська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада


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