17 hromadas received candidate status of UNICEF’s “Child and Youth Friendly Community” initiative

At the end of April, Cherkasy and Volodymyr-Volynskyi cities received an international candidate status of UNICEF’s world initiative “Child and Youth Friendly Community”.

Now the list of hromadas-candidates includes 17 Ukrainian cities and communities:

  1. Bakhmut city (Donetsk Oblast),
  2. Bilozirska AH (Cherkasy Oblast),
  3. Bilyayivska AH (Odesa Oblast),
  4. Vinnytsia city,
  5. Volodymyr-Volynskyi city (Volyn Oblast),
  6. Druzhkivka city (Donetsk Oblast),
  7. Kamyanets-Podilskyi city (Khmelnytskyi Oblast),
  8. Klesivska AH (Rivne Oblast),
  9. Kremenchuk city (Poltava Oblast),
  10. Lviv city,
  11. Novoborivska AH (Zhytomyr Oblast),
  12. Novoznamyanska AH (Poltava Oblast),
  13. Novoukrayinska AH (Kirovohrad Oblast),
  14. Odesa city,
  15. Uman city (Cherkasy Oblast),
  16. Khmilnyk city (Vinnytsia Oblast),
  17. Cherkasy.

Over the next two to three years, hromadas will work on implementing their plans. UNICEF will evaluate their implementation. If the results are successful, municipalities will receive the honourary status of the “Chil and Youth Friendly Community”.

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17 hromadas received candidate status of UNICEF’s “Child and Youth Friendly Community” initiative


youth Hromada, druzhnia do ditei ta molodi


Асоціація міст України

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