Illinivska rural AH believed in reforms

Illinivska rural AH believed in reforms

The Illinivska AH was formed in December 2016, since then the rural hromada has gradually increased its potential and is moving towards territory development.

Last year the Illinivska AH approved the Hromada Development Strategy for the period up to 2025.

Quality projects and road repairs

In 2018 the Illinivska AH received UAH 5.6 million of the state infrastructure subvention and implemented three projects: reconstruction of the pumping and water supply networks in the village of Poltavka, overhaul of the streets in the village of Stara Mykolayivka, major repairs of street crossing in the village of Pleshchiyivka.

At the expense of the subvention for socio-economic development the Illinivska AH carried out thermo-modernisation of the Stepanivka Educational Complex, as well as complete renovation of the kindergarten building in the village of Zorya.

Construction of two outpatient clinics in the villages of Illinivka and Kleban Byk is almost completed. The funds to reform rural healthcare have been allocated by the Ministry of Health.

Construction of two outpatient clinics in the AH is almost completed


Cultural centre of the Illinivska AH

The first project implemented by the AH due to the funds from the State Fund for Regional Development was a major renovation of the village cultural centre in Oleksandro-Kalynove.

Major repair of the village cultural house


Donkey Danka is a village guide

The nature and active inhabitants of the Illinivska hromada are the most favourable factors for green tourism development. Local residents contributed a lot to open a folk life museum in the Oleksandro-Kalynove. The AH has a regional landscape park “Kleban Byk”, attended by tourists from all over the country, and in August the hromada will host “Smolyanskyi Kulish”.

Museum and a road cart the hromada develops green tourism


The donkey named Danka is actively participanting in green tourism development. AH residents even created a Facebook page for the animal.

The donkey Danka helps hromada to develop green tourism


Is there enough money for development

Agriculture remains the main area for hromada – the economic potential is created by 15 agricultural enterprises, and the same number of farms. Here they produce feed, develop meat processing and extractive industry. The main area of ​​investment in agriculture is the development of horticulture and livestock, the AH cultivates vegetables – cucumbers from the Illinivska hromada are known throughout the region, while cherries and apples are exported.

Hromada also tries to use the money efficiently, improving educational network. Joint inclusive resource centre, funded with the state budget assistance, was opened for two hromadas – the Illinivska and neighbouring Shakhivska AHs.

Joint inclusive resource centre of the Illinivska and neighbouring Shakhivska AHs


Fruit jelly sweets for Europe

Confectionery production appeared on the territory of Illinivka 16 years ago. They started with nuts’ packing, and after equipment was purchased, began sweets’ production: marmalade, pastille, caramels, etc. From 2016 sweets from Illinivka started to be exported to Poland, Latvia, Romania.

From 2016 sweets from Illinivka started to be exported to Poland, Latvia, Romania.

Each month, the factory dispatches up to 30-40 tons of finished products for sale.

The hromada success story only begins ...

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