Amalgamated hromadas of Kirovohrad Oblast to have their police officers

The Kirovohrad Oblast became the second after the Dnipropetrovsk one to implement the “Hromada Police Officer” project.

The “Hromada Police Officer” project envisages a new format of policemen’s work. It was initiated by the National Police of Ukraine and is being implemented with the support of the international partners. The essence of the project is that each AH will have a policeman, living and working in the hromada, who will take care exclusively for the security and protection of this AH. As the police officer will stay in constant contact with the hromada, the emphasis will be on preventing offenses. Every such policeman will be provided with an office on the AH territory, service car and a special tablet containing electronic documents. The hromada officer will be responsible for the abidance by the rule of law and crime prevention at his district and will work with the AH leadership.

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Amalgamated hromadas of Kirovohrad Oblast to have their police officers

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