Ovidiopol agreed to establish AH with two neighbouring rural hromadas

On Friday, 8 February, participants of the public hearings in the rayon centre of Ovidiopol (Odesa Oblast) agreed to propose AH formation with neighbouring Kalahliya and Mykolayivka village councils.

According to the Odesa Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion, Lidiya Savelyeva, Ovidiopol settlement head, noted that this amalgamation was once again initiated by residents of the village of Mykolayivka, who at their public meetings, held on 24 January this year, almost unanimously expressed desire for their further development as part of the Ovidiopolska amalgamated hromada.

32 AHs are already established in the Odesa Oblast, and the first elections took place in 28 of them. The elections were scheduled for 23 December last year in three hromadas, but they did not take place because of the martial law. Another AH has received a positive conclusion from the Odesa Oblast State Administration and is waiting for the appointment of its first elections.

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Ovidiopol agreed to establish AH with two neighbouring rural hromadas


Одеська область


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