Poll on how decentralisation works in Ukraine

The team of the City Institute conducts a nationwide poll within the framework of the 7th Self-Government Forum to find out public opinion on the decentralisation process in Ukraine. The forum will be held in spring in Lviv.

“According to experts’ estimates, the decentralisation reform is one of the most successful. The general idea of ​​decentralisation among Ukrainians is mostly highlighted in sociological studies. Our goal is to establish a regional dimension in the study of each indicator, which will enable us to understand specifics of implementing the reform principles at the local level,” comments Tetiana Prykhodko, head of the Analysis and Research Programme at the City Institute.

Target audience of the poll

It is designed for Ukrainians interested in the country development, experts in decentralisation, those, who has already become a part of AH, and those willing to join the amalgamation process.

The questionnaire can be filled in by 1 March 2019. It will take about 20 minutes.

Please note specific terminology used:

*LSG is a local self-government body, namely the councils (village, settlement, city, etc.) representing respective territorial hromadas, executive committees of the respective councils and chairmen.

**Decentralisation is a process of transferring powers, finances, responsibilities from the state authorities to people, and namely to local self-government bodies.

In this questionnaire there is no correct or incorrect answer, so everyone is free to answer. The team of the City Institute guarantees the confidentiality of information and coverage of data in a summarised form.


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Poll on how decentralisation works in Ukraine


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