Establishing music school in hromada. Experience of Hnizdychivska AH

Establishing music school in hromada. Experience of Hnizdychivska AH

Due to decentralisation Hnizdychi urban-type settlement opened a music school currently attended by about 100 students.

By Dmytro Synyak

A ten-year-old boy with a guitar in his hands is embarrassed, when he sees a camera, and hides his face. He has not got used to journalists’ attention yet. A young pianist, on the other hand, runs from the very door without even taking off her jacket and hat to be photographed. The teachers are laughing observing it. When you look at the students of the Hnizdychiv music school, at funny wall art and paintings, at brand-new musical instruments, you cannot even imagine that two and a half years ago these premises were just a shabby and old settlement council’s building, and that children had to travel 10 km to Zhydachiv to learn music disciplines.

Ivan Oliyar, head of the Hnizdychivska AH of the Lviv Oblast, looks delighted while examining several nice rooms, where children play various musical instruments. He worked here from 2010 to 2016. Subsequently, a more spacious building of the former collective farm office was chosen to locate the settlement council, and now the local authorities share it with the ASC.

One can hardly imagine that two and a half years ago these premises were just a shabby and old settlement council’s building

“Everything you see here has become real only due to amalgamation,” says Ivan Oliyar. “With the reform we have opportunities that we could not dream about before. Prior to amalgamation, the budget of Hnizdychiv was UAH 1.2 million per year, and now we have UAH 8 million only of our own revenues! So we were quite able to afford the music school...

The music school appeared due to hromadas’ amalgamation, - says Ivan Oliyar, head of the Hnizdychivska AH

One can say that Hnizdychiv music school emerged spontaneously.

“It all began with the fact that we received a bill for the services of the Zhydachiv Rayon Music School, attended then by about 30 our children. The rayon requested as much as UAH 390 thousand for one year of their studies! We thought that we could organise music classes in our settlement for this amount of money, and this would be even better. After all, many more children will be able to learn to play various instruments, since parents did not let many of them go to Zhydachiv because of far distance between the settlements.”

“Of course, the most important thing for a school to be created is to find teachers,” continues Ivan Oliyar. “But then it turned out that one very good violin teacher was giving private lessons to as many as 13 students in Hnizdychiv. We only had to move these lessons to the music school premises, replacing part of the parental payments with a monthly salary. Now the parents pay extra only about UAH 150 per month for a child. Have you ever heard of such prices for music lessons? Subsequently, other teachers also moved to us from Zhydachiv and Mykolayiv. Now we have more than ten of them.

Ihor Horetskyi, accordion and button accordion teacher, and Ruslan Mazur, teacher of guitar and trumpet

Parents pay extra only about UAH 150 per month for a child

Almost one hundred children study at the AH music school


The music school premises were found rather quickly. After the settlement council moved to the new building, its former one was empty. It was completely renovated, and the local artist Volodymyr Borys decorated the walls with his own paintings.

The settlement council undertakes to co-finance the project on technical modernisation of the computer classroom in the school

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