MPs voiced the need to continue the session to consider decentralisation-related changes to the Constitution

Member of Parliament are ready to support the continuation of the Verkhovna Rada session in order to consider changes to the Constitution of Ukraine on decentralisation. MP Mykola Fedoruk shared this opinion in his commentary to journalists.

“I am ready to vote for the continuation of the Verkhovna Rada’s work to give a new impetus to the reform. But the President of Ukraine or the Government should address the chairman of the Parliament with the proposal to extend the Parliament’s work. Introduction of amendments to the Constitution in the part of decentralisation should consolidate the success of the reform. This is emphasised by the leaders of the state when it comes to decentralisation. The Parliament needs to make a somewhat non-standard step – to consider the draft law No. 2217-a during still this session, although there will be hardly enough votes for its adoption. However, there is no problem. Some of its provisions, in particular those concerning certain rayons of the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, are outdated. Local self-government in these rayons is already being regulated by other laws. At the same time, if the draft law No. 2217-a is not considered at this session, this will raise the question of the future of the whole reform,” said Mykola Fedoruk.

He added that adoption of the draft law on the fundamentals of the administrative and territorial structure is also among the important steps to reform local self-government.

“This draft law has already been considered by our committee and its adoption in the first reading is supported,” said the MP.

17.01.2019 - 14:39 | Views: 1955
MPs voiced the need to continue the session to consider decentralisation-related changes to the Constitution


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