Groysman’s Government for Zakarpattia Oblast

Цього року на Закарпатті за фінансової підтримки Уряду фінансують десятки соціально важливих проектів

The Government annually increases state support for hromada development and infrastructure improvement. This year it reaches over UAH 37.8 billion. These funds were directed in the first place to repair schools and kindergartens, hospitals, construction of boiler-houses and sports grounds, as well as to healthcare development in rural areas, support of farmers in the regions, energy efficiency.

This year the Government has supported dozens of socially important projects in the Zakarpattia Oblast. In particular, in 2018, the Government allocated funds for repairs of sections of 24 local roads, reconstruction of a rayon cultural centre under the Zakarpattia Drama and Comedy Theater in Khust, major repairs of the Svalyava Central Rayon Hospital, renovation of the “Karpaty” stadium in Khust, extension of the hospital in Uhlya village of the Tyachiv Rayon, reconstruction of Uzhhorod secondary boarding school with in-depth study of certain subjects, where a volleyball court, a full-fledged swimming pool with modern technologies and a boiler room for the heating of sports buildings are being built, for reconstruction of the “Avangard” stadium in Uzhgorod, overhaul of the admission unit of Vynohradiv Rayon Hospital, renovation of І-ІІ degree secondary school in the village of Vyshka, and dozens of other facilities.

У кардіоцентрах Ужгорода та Хуста рятують життя

Cardiological departments, equipped with modern angiographs, have been working in the Zakarpattia Oblast Clinical Cardiology Centre and Khust Rayon Hospital from spring this year. This equipment will save the lives of thousands of people, who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

Загалом цього року на проведення дорожніх робіт у Закарпатській області держава виділила майже 714 млн грн на 49,2 км шляхів

This year the Government is financing repairs of more than 3 500 km of Ukrainian roads. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman has repeatedly stated that high-quality repair of Ukrainian roads is one of the Government’s priorities. For 10 years, construction, overhaul and reconstruction of roads were almost non-existent in the country. Starting from 2016, the financing of the road sector has been increased year by year. "This is part of our strategy implementation: to connect all oblast centres of Ukraine in five years. I emphasise: Ukrainians have the right to ride and will eventually ride along good roads,” said Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman.

In total, this year the state has allocated nearly UAH 714 million to renovate 49.2 km of roads in the Zakarpattia Oblast.

The task set by the Government is to connect all oblast centres with high-quality roads in five years.

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Закарпатська область

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