Why should hromadas of Poltava Oblast amalgamate? – expert opinion

Decentralisation benefits were discussed with Oleksandr Isyp, decentralisation adviser of the Poltava Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and the MinRegion, on the air of PJSC National Public TV and Radio Company “Ltava” (UA: Pershyi). The representatives of amalgamated hromadas of the Poltava Oblast expressed their arguments in favour of the reform. Skeptics, too, had the opportunity to share their viewpoint: heads of Dykanka and Chovno-Fedorivka (Zinkiv Rayon) expressed their versions on non-willingness to voluntarily amalgamate. Tetyana Pautova, local finance adviser of the Poltava LGDC, shared the achievements of the Poltava Oblast’s AHs in recent years.



Oleksandr Isyp



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