Talalayivska AH: young yet ambitious

In course of one year the Talalayivska AH managed to illuminate its settlements, improve cultural and educational institutions. Recently, it has considerably renovated machinery of its communal enterprise. But the main thing is that almost all AH residents persuade they only benefited from amalgamation.





“We decided to amalgamate in the spring of 2017, and the elections were held on 29 October of the same year,” says Yuriy Velychko, head of the Talalayivska AH. “The amalgamation process was not easy. We traveled all the villages of our rayon, since according to the perspective plan, our entire rayon should have become one hromada. But since people are cautiously accepting all novelties, many refused to amalgamate. Our hromada includes only Krasnyi Kolyadyn, Korinetske, Lypove and Ponory village councils. Now its population is 8,5 thousand people”.

“Prior to amalgamation the budget of the settlement council was five million hryvnias, and now – almost UAH 50 million,” continues the head. “We are not subsidised, but self-sufficient AH.”



The biggest problem of all hromadas is the worn out infrastructure. The Talalayivska AH is no exception, therefore, from the first days the head and deputies decided to allocate infrastructure subvention funds for the development of lighting projects in the villages that joined the AH, and on lighting set up itself.

“Finally, it is not dakr at night in the streets of our village – says Oksana Kartava, deputy of the Talalayivska AH from Lypove, director of the local school.

The AH invests a lot of funds in educational institutions. Insulation, repairs, windows replacement, material and technical base improvement and technical support have been done over the past year. Besides, the hromada transferred all its schools and kindergartens to alternative fuel sources by installing new solid fuel boilers.

The hromada provides grants for talented children and their teachers.

The Talalayivska AH also allocates funds to cover medications for insulin-dependent people and cancer patients. The hromada directs these funds to the hospital, so patients can get them for free.

And already this winter, the AH will clean itsstreets from snow using its own transport, purchased at the expense of the infrastructure subvention.

Construction of a football field, renovation of sports hall and a new water supply system are the most ambitious plans of the Talalayivska AH for the nearest future.


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Чернігівська область


Талалаївська територіальна громада



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