Successful cases of AH: Slavska hromada became almost 10 times richer

Successful cases of AH: Slavska hromada became almost 10 times richer

The decentralisation reform managed to take root in the Lviv Oblast and you can already see some of its successful results.

On the example of the Slavska AH, we want to explore how the hromada can independently choose what to spend the local budget on and at the same time see the instant result.

Some history

Thus, the Slavska amalgamated hromada was formed in August 2017 (the elections took place in October). The AH consists of 7 settlements – 1 urban-type settlement and 6 villages. As of 1 January 2018, the hromada population has been 8 747 people. Volodymyr Beha was elected as the head of the Slavska AH.

Figures are eloquent

According to Marta Halyuk, specialist of the finance department of the Slavska AH, in 2017 Slavske settlement and each village council worked with their budgets.

“Due to the AH formation, the revenue part as of 1 November, along with subventions, is UAH 124 million, of which UAH 81 million are the PIT inflow,” explained Marta Halyuk.

Prior to this, the total budget of hromadas that became part of the Slavska AH over 2017 amounted to UAH 17 million. 

What are the accomplishments?

According to Mara Halyuk, during 2018 the Slavske settlement council planned to implement more than 80 projects of socio-economic development, of which 12 – at the expense of the Lviv Oblast budget, 2 – at the expense of subventions for the formation of the AH infrastructure, and all the rest – at the expense of the Slavske settlement budget.

At the same time, according to Halyna Hrechyn, Director of the Lviv LGDC, the Slavske AH got good starting opportunities due to the presence of a large taxpayer and was able to rationally dispose of funds already during the first months of work.

5 examples

Here are examples of five victories of the hromada due to the decentralisation reform. It should be noted that the Slavske AH has implemented them all in course of one year.

1. Renovation of roads.

2. Street lighting and surveillance cameras.

3. Repair of schools, educational institutions.

UAH 39 million were allocated to educational and cultural sectors over 11 months.

4. Healthcare reform.

The Slavska AH, like all territorial units of Ukraine, is implementing the healthcare reform. This year, the Slavske city hospital was reorganised. In addition, it signed an agreement with the National Health Service of Ukraine on 1 October.

According to Natalya Ulynets, deputy of the Slavske AH, today there remains the problem with dentists in the hromada.

5. Social projects.

There are still problems

At the same time, in addition to all that has already been done, there are still issues that need to be addressed and that require much more time and money. Volodymyr Beha, head of the Slavska AH, noted on the UA: Lviv TV channel that the AH formation was stimulated by the rumors of the entry of a large investor and this is not a secret.

However, according to the him, there is still a problem of paying taxes to form the hromada budget.

Along with this, deputy of the Slavska AH Volodymyr Drebot noted that the hromada has a number of unresolved issues, in particular, not all infrastructural projects were completed on time, until the winter.

Rural hromada sets the tone of the region 

It should also be noted that the Slavske AH became the first hromada to renounce the use of polyethylene. This example has been already followed by the Lviv City Council and the Drohobych City Council.

According to Daria Zubrytska, communications adviser of the Lviv LGDC, the Slavska AH is moving steadily through the development of a year-round resort, in accordance with the AH development strategy.

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