Sewing unit started its work in Butenkivska AH

The Butenkivska amalgamated hromada, so far the only one in the Kobelyaky Rayon of the Poltava Oblast, has created almost thirty new workplaces in the last few months.

Just a year will soon pass from the time of the first elections in this AH, however, the hromada headed by Mykola Skrylnyk demonstrates steady achievements. At the beginning of summer, a Safety Centre was established here, and now, the new sewing unit continues gaining momentum in production capacities. The businessmen from Kyiv, who have long been specialising in outerwear tailoring, applied to the hromada with the proposal to open the unit in the Kobelyaky Rayon.

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Sewing unit started its work in Butenkivska AH

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Полтавська область


Бутенківська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада


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