Yerkivska AH: large construction site, where even own coins are produced

This hromada began its story with the fact that instruments purchased 30 years ago and even broken hangers for cloths had been taken from the local musical school by the rayon authorities. The state of many infrastructure facilities could be described as “a ruin”, despite the fact that the industrial heart of the whole Katerynopil Rayon is beating here.

Today there are repairs everywhere - and there are roads in the place of once impassable tracks. Here there are completely free medical services provided - from pills to dental services. Children receive free meals in kindergartens and schools, and they have their free extracurricular activities. There are a lot of social programmes in the hromada and UAH 240 thousand are allocated annually for people in need of assistance. Here even own coins are produced, presented to the AH guests. The secrets of success of the Yerkivska AH were revealed to the participants of the press tour, organised by the Cherkasy Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion.

Nowadays own revenues of the hromada, that united almost 5600 residents, make up UAH 21.5 million. With subventions, the budget of the hromada amounts to UAH 33.5 million.

The Yerkivska AH is one of the two most well-off hromadas in the Cherkasy Oblast, returning a so-called reverse subvention of UAH 2.5 million to the state.

According to Valeriy Honchar, starosta of the village of Radchykha, since amalgamation the positive changes have been constantly taking place in the AH: illuminated streets, asphalted roads and tiled pavements, children's and sports grounds, household waste removal, solving the drinking water problem, village centre arrangement - dozens of small and great improvements making the lives of the residents more comfortable.

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Черкаська область


Єрківська територіальна громада


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