Prime Minister pledges the decentralisation reform should be strengthened despite of behind-the-scenes games

The decentralisation reform launched by the Government requires active and profound continuation, since the point of no return in changes has not yet been reached and there exist processes that jeopardise achievement of the set goals. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman announced this during a meeting devoted to the strengthening of the decentralisation reform.

"I remember how in 2014 everyone was saying that the country would fall into a decline because of the reform. As you can see – nothing of that has happened! A successful decentralisation reform encapsulates opportunities and amalgamation. And now the achieved result must be protected. We see examples of the opposition to the reform – from oblast and local administrations. They are artificially hindering the process. There is also a decision of the courts to stop hromadas’ amalgamation... So it is high time to continue the decentralisation process," Volodymyr Groysman said.

The Prime Minister stressed that in 2014 he took the lead in implementing the reform. "And now we have to give a new impetus to reform and protect it. Everyone supports the reform in public, however behind the scenes they start unfair games," Volodymyr Groysman empahsised. "Decentralisation cannot be stopped. I will continue to lead this process and do my utmost to protect desire of people to amalgamate.”


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Prime Minister pledges the decentralisation reform should be strengthened despite of behind-the-scenes games


Volodymyr Groysman


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